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Tackling Dirt at the Door

Everyday students enter schools carrying with them dirt, water and debris that needs to be cleared away before learning can take place. At their entrances are mats designed to capture most of this dirt.

Mats make it easy for everyone to wipe their shoes clean after entering, helping prevent slips and falls – which are among the leading causes of injuries among kids.
Waterhog Classic

The Waterhog Classic entrance mat, manufactured in the USA, is an internationally acclaimed premier entrance mat that stands out for its ability to scrape and wipe off shoes while trapping dirt and moisture below surface level, helping carpets stay cleaner longer while simultaneously improving indoor air quality and reducing maintenance costs. In turn, this helps prevent slip and fall accidents as well as improving indoor air quality and reducing maintenance costs.

This mat comes equipped with either a full cleated or smooth backing. Cleated options are best suited for placement atop carpeted surfaces.

This cleated mat features a raised rubber “water dam” border to trap dirt and moisture off floors and keep it off surfaces, effectively scraping shoes clean while holding up to 1.5 gallons per square yard of liquid. Plus, its solution dyed polypropylene fiber system dries quickly while resisting staining, fading, rot and fungus; making this Eco-friendly matting suitable for use around electronic equipment!
keeping schools clean are used at the entrance of controlled environments like laboratories or cleanrooms to filter out contamination carried in on shoes or cart wheels, thereby offering facilities an affordable protection solution that costs less than $0.50 a day.

These rubber framed cleanroom sticky mats feature Waterhog Classic matting surface followed by an adhesive surface designed to capture dust and dirt particles. Simply two steps across the Clean Stride adhesive surface will capture 90% of debris particles, making this an excellent option for clean rooms, healthcare facilities and school gymnasiums.

These cleanroom sticky mats come in various dimensions and coverage options. Their frames feature eye-catching safety yellow frames for increased visibility on any type of flooring such as carpet, tile or concrete. Plus, each unit comes equipped with 60 disposable cleanroom sticky mat pads that can easily be peeled away when they become soiled, leaving behind fresh adhesive surfaces beneath.
Rubber Scraper Mat

The Rubber Scraper Mat is an outdoor mat designed to quickly remove dirt, snow, gravel and other debris from shoes before they enter the home or workplace. It serves as an effective deterrent against tracking in larger particles that could stain carpet and cause lasting damage.

Its superior molded tread design aggressively scrapes shoes clean of dirt and traps it below the walking surface within contained borders that prevent it from slipping onto floors. Grease and oil-resistant, it can be used indoors or out.

These mats can be quickly cleaned with just a broom or hose down, and customized to display your school logo in full color. Schools commonly choose these all-rubber logo floor mats to show their pride while protecting flooring and keeping their facility safe – and there’s even an eco-friendly version for LEED projects and Green businesses!
Indoor/Outdoor Mats

Indoor mats provide the last line of defense in protecting carpet, tile or wood surfaces from dirt and moisture accumulation on shoes, so they must be effective. The Classic Brush mat features an aggressive surface design which quickly wipes away most debris from shoe soles to eliminate most tracking through commercial spaces and damaging carpet, tile or wood surfaces.

Indoor mats must also withstand freezing temperatures and long hours of sun exposure, like the Tire Link School Logo Mat which features a robust rubber construction that can withstand adverse conditions and is backed with porous material to channel away water and snow.

These mats are also extremely easy to keep clean by simply shaking or hosing off, making them a fantastic choice for high traffic areas like school main entrances. Furthermore, their photo quality logo graphics allow your school’s colors, name or mascot to shine brightly!

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