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Slip Rings for Larger Mechanical Efficiency

electrical slip rings refers to the electrical component that is responsible for power and signal transmission and rotating body connection. There are a variety of design theories and structures which classify slip ring s into several parts with different usage, such as bore, capsule, pancake, fiber optic, wind power, high-frequency and Ethernet series.

The electric type of this product is generally installed in the rotation center of mechanical equipment which comprises 2 parts of the stationary and rotating components. The rotating part is attached to the rotation structure of the device. This part moves accordingly and this is industrially known by the term ‘rotor’. The stationary component is attached to the fixed part of the equipment and machinery and this is industrially known by the term ‘stator’. These electrical components have wide application in the field of equipment and machinery. There are several advantages of using them. These include:

– Compact size
– Lightweight
– Easy installation

The slip ring assembly is made of precious metals and this ensures stability, and long shelf life. The life of this device can reach up to 80 million turns in high rotation speed, adverse work environment and temperature conditions. These are resistant to corrosion and abrasion and are durable. Moreover, the lastingness of these products is directly related to the conditions of work. These components can transmit a variety of signals including fiber optic signals, video signals, high frequency signals, Ethernet and high speed data signals.

Slip rings are used in any electromechanical structure which requires continuous, intermittent or stationary rotation. Unrestrained rotation is a requirement while data or power is being transmitted through the assembly of this component. It is used for the improvement of mechanical output, simplification of system operation and elimination of the wires which hang from movable joints, thus posing a threat to the workers.

Also known as rotating PCB slip ring or electrical interfaces, these are commonly found in AC electrical generators, cable reels, wind turbines and packaging machinery. They may be used on any kind of rotating material for transferring power, controlling circuits or in digital or analog signals, including those which are found in radio telescopes, aerodrome beacons, heliostats and power shovels, among others.

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